iNetManager Server

iNetManager Server 9.4

iNet Manager Server: this module is used by cafe's admin
9.4.62 (See all)
Network & System Tech Ltd

iNet Manager Server: this module is used by cafe's admin, and is usually installed on the front desk computer. It enables you and your employees to fully control all workstations from a single computer. You can send SMS (text messages) to GSM phones worldwide. Adjust the size of tickets to fit your paper. All tickets are numbered to allow checking or reprinting them. Tickets show Cafe's Name, Date, time, ticket Number, validity period and footer message of your choice. Know exactly how long your customer has been on your computer and how much time is left. iNet Manager can monitor, control and charge for printing by deducting the equivalent cost of printing from the customer's time. You can also specify different rates for Color and B&W pages. iNet Manager can control printing on network, shared and local printers. Check out earnings using automatically generated financial reports. You can see the total amount earned over a period of time. They show how much money was gained during the day, with a break down into total income in SMS, printing and browsing. You can set the program to automatically send the report to desired e-mail address or addresses.

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